Green aluminum to build a low-carbon life
2012-11-11 Company News HITS:

For ordinary people, there may be no image concept when it comes to aluminum. But in fact, aluminum has been made into various aluminum and aluminum alloy products due to its excellent conductivity, heat dissipation, ductility, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, which are used in various fields of people's life and play a role in facilitating people's life. And its 95% recyclable characteristics also make it known as green environmental protection materials. It can be said that aluminum is everywhere around people's lives. The continuous progress of aluminum materials and technology is also promoting the continuous improvement of people's living standards. Green, environment-friendly and energy-saving aluminum has been integrated into every corner of people's lives, lighting up people's lives. If you get up in the morning and have breakfast, you may choose to fry an egg and drink a bowl of porridge. Perhaps the pot you use to fry eggs, cook porridge or boil water contains aluminum metal materials. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity and light weight, aluminum is used to make cooking utensils after adding certain alloy components.

After breakfast, it's time to go to work. Maybe you drive to work or take the bus to work. In today's automobiles, the application of aluminum materials is also increasing. It is reported that the wheels of most new models in China are made of aluminum alloy. Because of its light weight, small inertial resistance, which is conducive to improving the straight-line driving performance of the car and reducing fuel consumption, it is also increasingly favored by private car owners because of its elegant appearance, comfort and safety. In addition, aluminum materials are increasingly used in automobile water tanks, engine sets and vehicle engine covers. Research shows that the aluminum usage of engine group has increased by 70% in the past three years. And some high-end brands of cars have begun to develop and produce all aluminum body cars. According to experts, when aluminum is used for automobile shell and structure, the weight of the car body is reduced by nearly 50%. The engine is made smaller without affecting the performance. Changing the steel structure to aluminum car body can generally reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 30%, which means that each car can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5 tons during the entire service life. It is believed that with the increasing attention paid to the economy of automobile fuel and the strengthening of laws and regulations related to reducing carbon dioxide emissions of automobiles, the application of aluminum in automobiles will continue to expand.

Because of its convenience, speed and low price, the subway is favored by many office workers in large cities and has become a daily means of transportation. In fact, aluminum can be seen everywhere in subway cars. The chair bracket in the subway car we sit on is usually made of aluminum alloy. In addition, some subway cars are also made of aluminum. The AC series multi model electric passenger cars running on Shanghai Rail Transit Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 are all aluminum alloy through type cars. It is reported that the 23 138 vehicles purchased for the whole line of Wuxi Metro Line 1 are all arched aluminum alloy B metro vehicles. Aluminum is used more and more in urban rail transit because of its light weight, excellent ductility and certain strength. According to statistics, at present, about 40% of urban rail vehicles and metro vehicles are made of aluminum alloy.

When we arrive at the company, we believe that the first thing many people do is to turn on the computer, which has become an inseparable tool in people's lives. Due to the good heat dissipation performance of aluminum, many computer CPUs use aluminum heat sinks. Many laptops with smaller size and better portability use aluminum alloy shells to reduce weight. In the afternoon, the spring afternoon is particularly easy to fall asleep, so it's a good idea to make a cup of coffee. If you pay attention to the inside of the coffee bag, the silver is aluminum foil. It can play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof, and avoid coffee deterioration. Similarly, aluminum foil products are also used in the packaging of many foods such as candy and chocolate to prevent oxidation and moisture deterioration. In addition, cans for cola and other beverages are made of aluminum alloy. Because of its plasticity, memory, light weight and corrosion resistance, aluminum is also widely used to make containers.

When you get home from work, open the window and breathe. Pay attention to the doors and windows. Your doors and windows are probably made of aluminum alloy materials. As aluminum alloy doors and windows have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good use performance, strong decoration, economic durability, pollution-free, recyclability, etc., especially energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows have become one of the main products used for building energy conservation in China, and are widely used in high-end public buildings to general civil residential and industrial plants. At present, the consumption of aluminum doors and windows accounts for 55% of the total market of building doors and windows. In addition, many manufacturers are constantly developing new aluminum alloy doors and windows to further improve their performance. I believe that aluminum alloy doors and windows will still be the mainstream in the market in the future.

Looking around the house, in fact, many household appliances have aluminum figures. For example, the electronic components and heat sinks in TV sets, computers, refrigerators and air conditioners are made of aluminum. Although we don't see the shadow of aluminum on the surface, it actually contributes to people's convenient life and low-carbon life. In fact, aluminum has become the most widely used metal due to its rich resources, excellent performance and relatively moderate price. As long as you watch carefully, you will find that aluminum is around you. Our life has been inseparable from aluminum, and aluminum is also providing more convenience for us to build a low-carbon life.